• As a firm we do not hold client money.

    We will invoice you for work, and it is important to us that you know how to keep your money safe when making payments and how to look out for scams. Whenever you make a payment to a new bank account, check with your bank that the details match the name on the account, and it is who you were expecting to pay.

    Some scammers will try to impersonate someone or a business to request a payment from you. They sometimes do this by having a similar email address so please check carefully that the email is from the correct person. So you know when it is us, whenever we request a payment from you, we will always include your client reference number and a statement as to what the payment is for. Our invoice will always be sent to you in a pdf format. We will not send you an invoice in any other way.

    If you are ever in doubt, particularly if you are being asked to pay into a different account, speak to your Alex Jones directly a member of the 365 Employment Law team who will be happy to verify our details with you by telephone. If unsure, you should never just check just by responding on email.