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    At 365 Employment, we’re you’re trusted employment law specialists in Brighton. With our expert knowledge and experience, we provide comprehensive legal services to employers and employees in the area. Our team are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complexities of employment law and ensuring their rights and obligations are protected. So, whether you need advice on staff contracts, guidance during disciplinary issues such as a disciplinary lawyer, or assistance with settlement agreements, we’re here to support you.

    We offer a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients in Brighton. With a deep understanding of the local employment landscape, we focus on many areas.

  • Employers Employment Law Brighton

    As an employer, it’s crucial to stay compliant with employment regulations and protect the rights of your workforce. Our employment law solicitors provide expert advice and guidance on the following issues:

    Employment Tribunals

    We understand the challenges and complexities that can arise during employment tribunals. Our experienced team of employment law solicitors in Brighton can provide valuable guidance and representation throughout the tribunal process including assessing your case, gathering evidence, and developing a strong legal strategy.


    When businesses undergo a restructuring process, it’s important to navigate the legal implications carefully. We can provide guidance on the consultation process, redundancy, and the reassignment of employees to minimise risks and disruptions.


    Our expert employment law solicitors can help provide accurate advice on a wide range of employment matters. From employment contracts and guidance on complex legal issues to understanding rights and obligations, we can help.


    Our employment law solicitors can help you in drafting, reviewing, and updating employment contracts and handbooks to ensure compliance with current legislation. We can help with terms of employment, confidentiality, intellectual property rights, and more.

    Protecting Confidential Information

    At 365 Employment, our solicitors can help prevent employees from disclosing confidential information or company trade secrets. This may include customer databases, target prospect lists, supplier lists, price lists and business procedures.

    Family Rights

    Balancing work and family life is essential for employees, and employers must understand and comply with family rights. Our employment law solicitors can guide employers through the legal requirements surrounding maternity and paternity rights, shared parental leave, flexible working arrangements, and other family-related matters.


    It’s important to stay up to date with the latest and best practices for employees and employers. That’s why we offer training sessions and workshops tailored to your specific needs. Our employment law solicitors in Brighton can deliver comprehensive training on various topics like discrimination, harassment prevention, disciplinary procedures and more.

    Start-Up Advice

    Starting a new business can be exciting but overwhelming. So, we offer start-up advice to help you establish solid employment practices from the start. We can help with drafting contracts, developing employment policies, understanding legal obligations and more.

  • Employee Employment Law Brighton

    At 365 Employment, we understand employment law is crucial for employees to be aware of their rights, ensure fair treatment, and seek appropriate recourse if any issues arise. We can help with a range of issues such as:

    Unfair Dismissal

    If you believe you’ve been unfairly dismissed, our solicitors are here to help. We can asses your case, help you understand your rights, and work tirelessly to ensure you receive fair treatment and the appropriate compensation.

    Grievance and Disciplinary Advice

    We provide tailored advice, guiding you through the process of grievance and disciplinary procedures. We make sure your concerns are effectively addressed and we can help you seek fair resolution.


    Whether you have experienced discrimination based on gender, race, disability, age, or any other protected characteristic, we offer comprehensive support and representation to fight for your rights and ensure fair treatment.


    We understand the importance of maternity rights for employees, which is why our solicitors provide legal advice and support regarding maternity leave, pay entitlements, and protection against discrimination.

    Settlement Agreements

    If you need to negotiate a settlement agreement, we can help with reviewing, negotiating, and advising on these agreements. We will ensure your best interests are represented and that you’re fully informed on the terms and implications involved.


    Redundancy is a challenging time, but our team provides guidance and support helping you navigate the process, understand your rights and explore available options.

    Contracts and restrictions

    We offer help in drafting, reviewing, and advising on employment contracts and restrictions. Whether it’s non-complete clauses, confidentiality agreements, or other contractual terms.


    If you have witnessed a legal offense in the workplace, our team is here to provide you with advice and protection. We can help you understand your rights as a whistleblower and guide you through the process of reporting wrongdoing.

    Regulatory advice for professionals

    We offer specialised regulatory advice for professionals in various industries. We can offer guidance to help you navigate complex legal requirements and maintain high standards.

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    When it comes to employment law in Brighton, 365 Employment is the number one choice. We provide comprehensive guidance on a range of employment law issues including contracts, discrimination, redundancy, and unfair dismissal. With a deep understanding of ACAS procedures and local regulations, we can offer employers and employees tailored solutions.

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  • FAQs

    What is the role of ACAS in employment law?

    ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service) provides guidance and assistance to employers and employees in resolving workplace disputes. They offer conciliation services, promote best practices, and can provide expert advice on employment law matters.

    How can employers prevent workplace discrimination?

    Employers should establish clear anti-discrimination policies and procedures, provide equal opportunities for all employees, avoid discriminatory practices in hiring and promotions, and address any complaints of discrimination promptly and fairly.

    How do I report workplace harassment or discrimination?

    If you experience workplace harassment or discrimination, you should follow your employer’s internal procedures for reporting such incidents. If the issue persists or remains unresolved, you may need to escalate the matter to external entities, such as ACAS or an employment tribunal.

    What should I do if I have an employment law concern?

    If you have a concern related to employment law, whether you are an employer or an employee, we encourage you to contact us for an initial consultation. Our team of solicitors will attentively listen to your specific situation and offer expert advice on the most suitable course of action to help you navigate the process effectively.

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