• Grievance and disciplinary advice

    If you’re experiencing a grievance or disciplinary procedure at work, it can be a worrying and stressful time.

    From our Worthing office, we support employees on:

    • Raising a formal grievance at work
    • Defending a disciplinary procedure

    Although procedures are well-defined by (ACAS) Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, the process may still be daunting for individuals facing the process for the first time.


    A grievance procedure is a formal way for you (as an employee) to raise a complaint with your employer.

    If you have a problem (or grievance) at work, it’s usually a good idea to raise the issue with your employer informally.

    If you feel that an informal approach has not worked, or the grievance relates to a very serious issue, such as sexual harassment or whistleblowing, then you should raise the concern formally.

    Your employer should have its own grievance procedure, otherwise you must follow the steps in the ACAS Code of Practice .

    A legal adviser at your side

    If you’re unsure of how to progress your grievance, 365 Employment Law can assist you. We can help you throughout the process.

    We assist in:

    • drafting an initial formal grievance
    • preparing for the hearing
    • attending and representing you at the hearing
    • reviewing the employer’s response
    • supporting or representing you for any subsequent hearings or tribunal.

    Grievance hearing

    A grievance hearing determines the legitimacy of a grievance. We support employees with grievance hearings, ensuring that your rights are protected and that the hearing is conducted fairly and compliantly.

    Disciplinary advice

    A disciplinary procedure is used by an employer to address an employee’s conduct or performance.

    The ACAS Code states that the employer’s procedures must be fair, and that natural justice should be part of the fair procedure. The Code is seen as an influential guide to Tribunals when deciding on unfair dismissal, but it is not legally binding.

    Advice for disciplinary hearings

    If you’re facing a disciplinary process, we can advise you on the best course of action, taking account of all circumstances and reasons behind any allegations.

    Losing your job will have implications on your income, lifestyle and, potentially, on your future employability.

    We can assist you in:

    • managing and responding to the disciplinary process
    • defending any allegation of misconduct
    • drafting documentation
    • helping you to prepare for attendance at disciplinary meetings or hearings.

    We have worked on both sides of the process and therefore have unique and independent insights over and above our specialist employment law expertise that we apply to each case.

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