• Family friendly policies and rights

    Employees have several family rights identified in UK law, such as, maternity, paternity and adoption leave, shared parental leave, flexible working arrangements and the right to time-off for family, childcare and dependent emergencies.

    Employment policies for your workplace

    Employment legislation governs the employer-employee relationship and is designed to provide reassurance to both employers and employees.

    Employment law is particularly detailed in the area of family rights where it defines the rights and obligations of each party. Whilst obligations are outlined in law, employers should develop policies for their staff handbook that explain their family friendly policies and the extent of any specific entitlements.

    Becoming a family-friendly employer

    365 Employment Law helps HR departments and business owners in developing policies and documentation that comply with employment legislation. We will advise you on how to draft policies and can support you in responding to requests, helping to highlight your standing as a family-friendly employer.

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